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Fusion Embroidery

What is Fusion Embroidery?
Fusion embroidery is a cost saving alternative to "Direct" embroidery, combining embroidery and thermoplastic heat seal adhesives.


What are the Fusion Embroidery advantages?
The design is not embroidered onto the finished item allowing for maximum quality and detail.
Fusion Embroidery does not penetrate the item leaving stitches or backings on the underside of the item.
Fusion Embroidery pricing is based on a size area rather than stitch count.
There are no stitch count limitations.
Fusion Embroidery is flexible regarding the location of the embroidery. Basically, fusion embroidery can be positioned on most areas of an item.


Why is Fusion Embroidery less expensive?
The labor time involved in the Fusion Embroidery process is considerably less than "Direct" embroidery.


Is Fusion Embroidery real embroidery?
Yes, the same machines, threads, bobbins, and backings that produce "Direct" embroidery are used in producing Fusion Embroidery.


Will Fusion Embroidery stay permanently on the item?
Yes. We use the most advanced thermoplastic backings allowing for permanence on the item.
We perform wash tests on production samples to ensure permanence


Mix & Match Fusion Embroidery Programs
Send us a design and we will show you how to develop a program that utilizes one design with various color options on various Suntex products.
Take advantage of combined pricing options and multiple product offereings to WOW your clients.
Contact Craig or Tom for more information.


Below are examples of products using Fusion Embroidery as the decoration method.

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